Graffiti in Canvas

Le Mensuel de Rennes n° 55

Jean’s with holes in it and a hooded jacket. It would not be surprising to see the Da Silva style silhouette in the corridors of the l’UBU or on the stage of the DEJAZEY , in Rennes. For a long time, the man oscillated between painting and music, before devoting himself fully to his first passion. « I remain marked by my experience as a musician. I always feel like I’m composing my paintings. I knit them like a song, with a gimmick and choruses. »

From the rock star, Yann Sciberras also follows the route. At 46 years old, the little guy from Lorient displays his paintings in shimmering colours and childish graphics in the galleries of the most beautiful cities in the world. Megève, Paris, London…

In his studio, nestled in unoccupied offices behind the Sévigné clinic in Cesson, about ten canvases are waiting in cardboard boxes for a departure for New York. An exhibition is planned for March. « I had the chance to meet the right people and be spotted by the right galleries, » he smiles modestly. It’s a very small world. And my style is unconventional. »

Something to catch the eye, certainly. Sciberras had the first of a live exercise during the 20h of TF1, on 31 December 2012: five hours to draw in retrospect the past year. The killings perpetrated by Mohammed Merah, the presidential election or the sinking of the Costa Concordia… Current events are set under his brush. An exercise he likes and masters. « I like to start from what’s happening in the world to paint. There is a certain vehemence in my paintings. But I’m trying to put distance and humour into it. »

Definitely urban and figurative, very close to graffiti, Sciberras’ art knows how to bring together funny skulls, su-sexual characters and guns of all kinds on resolutely joyful acrylics. Man does not hide his influences: Dubuffet, Klee, Basquiat… « When I was a kid, I thought I was a genius because I wrote on my drawings. And then I came across a book by Basquiat…. There is no genius, only people are inspired.  »

Tiphaine Réto