Yann Sciberras, Rock in Colors

Article à lire dans the be Art Luxury Love magazine BE-ALL

Yann Sciberras is an artist before being a painter. Attached to his paintbrushes since the age of 6, he made his weapons in the world of Rock-Punk music without ever being able to leave this visceral need for expression by drawing and color. After a career as singer and songwriter with the group GROOVYTHINGZ, he decided to devote himself entirely to it since 2010. Communicating, writing and sharing are the engines of his inspiration.

Witness to his time, his works relate current events; mingle key words and symbols to leave all freedom to interpretations and projections. Each work is a mirror that respects everyone’s freedom of thought.

Yann Sciberras seizes his brush to paint with force and dynamism works that speak with power denying the place to indifference. He features staggered characters, heroes of modern times.

Incisive, resolutely urban, he uses words as slogans to invite reflection and to react on what surrounds us.